The many Halloween costumes of Matthew K. Manning...

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it time I post pictures of my previous costumes from New York Halloweens past. So let's get right to it.

It started with Batman. When I was in seventh grade, my parents decided to bestow upon me a rubber Batman suit from the movie Batman Returns. As a result, I wore the exact same costume every year up through my college years at the School of Visual Arts. But by my senior year, after adding a few comic book tweaks to the costume, I finally decided to retire the batsuit once and for all.

Here are a couple of pictures from that no-doubt emotional year:

Batman and Nightwing in a pre-cell phone world. Nighwing is played by my old friend Mike Zagari.

My now-wife Dorothy as the Julie Newmar Catwoman. It was a good year to be Batman. Here she's joined by two of her thugs (Jon and Matt Roscetti, respectively).

After that, I started on my new trend: comic characters that wear suits. Essentially, because I sweat a lot less in a suit than in a rubber Batman cowl. Suit costumes are also pretty easy to make.

First up was the Crimson Avenger.

Dorothy decided to play the part of a 1940s girl to match me.

After that, it was the Phantom Stranger.

Here's the enigmatic figure of the night eating a snack at Wendy's.

Shopping for greeting cards...

On a quest toward fatherhood...

And relaxing in a comfy Brookstone recliner...

Next up, was a rather careless Matthew Murdock (Daredevil). And no, my cane didn't glow, that's just a reflection off an actual retractable blind cane.

After that, I opted to shave my head and run for president as Lex Luthor.

And the year after, the villain trend continued with the original Red Hood.

Followed by Dick Tracy, complete with official badge and radio wristwatch, of course.

Last year, I was Tony Stark. I accessorized with my Stark Industries briefcase, a can of matching Tecate...

...and a Scotch on the rocks.

Check back after Halloween to see this year's costume. Here's a hint, my daughter Lilly is involved, against her will and my better judgment...


Anonymous said…
Excellent! Loving the Phantom's adventures lol