Call of the Wild...

Be sure to drop by your local comic shop this week and pick up The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century # 12. The issue features my second Legion script, with art by Ethan Beavers, and a solo story focusing on Timber Wolf. And tell your storeowner that Matt sent you. When he asks you to be more specific, refuse any further details, and just give him the old wink and nod routine. When he continues to ask you what you’re talking about, just stand still and smile widely at him until he feels so awkward that he slowly backs away from you and retreats into the backroom.

Repeat as necessary or until someone calls the cops.


Kris said…
I finally got to read this on Friday and enjoyed it. It was like a good episode of the cartoon. And it had Timber Wolf. Gosh, he's neat.

I hope you have more Legion/Batman Strikes issues in the pipeline. I haven't seen your name in recent solicits, but it's been established those can be, uh, I'll call them "wrongtastic."
I think I'm slated for issue # 16 as it stands now, with hopefully more to come after that. Glad you liked the issue, and thanks for reading.