Marvel Action: Avengers # 6...

Cover art by Jon Sommariva

This week's Marvel Action: Avengers # 6 marks the end of our second story arc, The Ruby Egress. Inside you'll find the big battle between Count Nefaria and the Avengers, plenty of Kirby and Ditko Marvel monsters thrown in for good measure, and a guest appearance by Doctor Strange himself.

Variant cover art by Tony Fleecs

Sadly, this issue also marks the end of artist Jon Sommariva's tenure on our title. Jon will stay on for covers (and some of his best are on their way!), but this issue is his last interior... until I can manage to convince him otherwise. As usual, Jon's dynamic art is aided and abetted by colorist Protobunker, letterer Christa Miesner, assistant editor Megan Brown, and editor Bobby Curnow.

But this isn't my only issue due out this Wednesday at comic shops.

To be continued...

(Ahh, the suspense!)