Marvel Action: Avengers # 3...

Cover by Jon Sommariva.

In comic shops Wednesday, March 20th is the third and final part of our first storyline for Marvel Action: Avengers. We've got an evil Iron Man called the Advanced Iron Mechanic, the monstrous alien dragon Fin Fang Foom, the creeeptastic Madame Masque, and a surprise villain on our final page to kick off the next story arc.

Variant cover by Ryan Jampole.

Lots of big Marvel action coming your way from artist Jon Sommariva, colorist Protobunker, letter Christa Miesner, editors Bobby Curnow and Megan Brown, and the guy who decided to write all this chaos and only regrets it mildly: me.

Everything builds from here, so don't miss this one!

To be continued...