DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman...

The wait is finally over. DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman, my new book from Insight Editions with co-author S.D. Perry and artist Ming Doyle, is out now in stores nationwide.

Written from Bruce Wayne's perspective and full of his anatomical drawings about his theories on what makes his friends and enemies tick (who knew Bruce was such a good artist?), Anatomy of a Metahuman attempts to explain some of the most powerful super-beings in the DC Universe.

And thanks to S.D. Perry, we do a pretty good job of it, too. While she did all the heavy-lifting and scientific postulating, I was hired to translate the book into Batman-speak, making everything sound like Bruce Wayne's voice. I was also in charge of writing special features, like a note from Alec Holland (Swamp Thing), a DEO memo written by Cameron Chase about the Martian Manhunter, and minutes from Bane's Venom operation. I also added plenty of fun DC continuity into the book, and penned Batman's theories on the exact methods he would use to best the villain or hero of each entry.

Ming Doyle's fantastic illustrations bring Batman's ideas to life, taking our 160-page manuscript and turning it into a true art book. It really is one of the prettiest books I've worked on.

And it looks like people are already noticing. As I write this, we're the # 1 New Release in Science Fiction & Fantasy Art on Amazon as well as the # 1 in Educational & Nonfiction Graphic Novels. (Psst... don't tell them it's neither a graphic novel nor nonfiction. We'll take what we can get!)

For more info the the book, you can check it out on Amazon here, or read an interview/review here. Still not convinced? Here's a link to another review and another still. I'd link to more, but I think you're spending too much time online. Take a break and read an educational and/or nonfiction graphic novel.

To be continued...