Justice League: You Choose…

Out now in bookstores and online are my two latest Capstone DC SuperHeroes chapter books. Part of the You Choose line of Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories, these books are based in the animated DC Universe established back in 1992 with the release of Batman: The Animated Series. These two particular books are set after the conclusion of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series, but require no prior knowledge of the characters, so they’re perfect for DC Comics fans of any age.

Here’s a bit about each book straight from Capstone:

Lex Luthor is holding an illegal auction for the cruelest criminals around. When Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman investigate, they discover their teammate Metamorpho is up for bid!

The Joker has teamed up with the zaniest villains to take over the Justice League Watchtower! When the crooks knock out Batman and Superman, it’ll be up to Cyborg to reclaim the headquarters.

Both books feature great illustrations by Erik Doescher and twelve possible endings, each depending on which choices the reader makes. Just tell your children that these are like video games, but with way more reading. What kid can resist that sales pitch?

Shhh. Let me have my optimism.

To be continued…