DC Super Hero Stories...

New Year, New Books! This week, my newest series of children's books has been released by Stone Arch books. The series is called DC Super Hero Stories, and features text targeted at young readers with artwork drawn in the iconic DC animated style by Ethen Beavers.

For Batman fans (which, c'mon, is all of us), there's Batman Tangles With Terror featuring one of my favorite bat-foes, Man-Bat.

For fans of the Amazing Amazon, check out Wonder Woman Wrestles Circe's Sorcery. While the tongue-twisting title wasn't my creation, the inside action was. So don't miss seeing Wonder Woman battle it out with one of her most powerful enemies.

Flash fans get to see the Scarlet Speedster take on four of his toughest villains in Flash Races the Rogues.

And for those fans of the Man of Steel, Superman fights back against Lex Luthor in Superman Battles the Billionaire Bully.

Hope your little superheroes like them!

To be continued...