Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures # 2...

Regular cover by Jon Sommariva.

The second issue of our Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures mini series is hitting stands this week. And if you thought it was fun to see the Turtles face off agains Mudbutt... err... Clayface last issue, wait until you see what happens when Joker and Harley Quinn arrive in New York City. The art for the issue is once again masterfully handled by the team of penciler Jon Sommariva, inker Sean Parsons, and colorist Leonardo Ito, with letters by Shawn Lee and edits by Bobby Curnow.

Subscription variant cover by Rick Burchett.

Anxious to read it? Here's a five-page preview you can check out right now.

Incentive variant cover. Art by Chad Thomas.

I'm also happy to report the response to the first issue (now sold out and available in a second print) has been great. In fact, we've just been nominated for Comic of the Year by the Diamond Gem Awards!

Dynamic Forces exclusive cover. Art by Ken Haeser.

Not only that, we have a special Director's Cut issue on the way in February. It will feature Jon's awesome pencils, some of my script pages, and more insider glimpses of how we put the series together.

The Director's Cut edition of issue # 1!
More updates and Turtle news soon!

To be continued...

Fried Pie exclusive cover. Art by Tony Fleecs.