Experience the Wonder...

I've been a little bogged down with a few new projects (like the upcoming Batman Character Encyclopedia for DK Publishing), so I've neglected to mention my newest book on the shelves, The World According to Wonder Woman.

Illustrated by Paul Bulman, this book follows the same format as my previous books for Insight Editions, The World According to Wolverine and The World According to the Joker, but at a slightly larger size. It's written from the perspective of Diana herself, detailing her entire New 52 history, offering Wonder Woman's advice on everything from fighting styles to being a role model for an entire generation.

You can pick up the book at your local bookshop, or by clicking here.

Another Wonder Woman book to keep an eye out for hit stores this past December in the form of Wonder Woman Tiara Bracelet and Illustrated Book, a small little gift box that contains not only a miniature replica of Wonder Woman's iconic tiara, but also a little book I wrote called the The Amazing Amazon, which details Wonder Woman's history in a handy pocket size.

And as long as we're talking everyone's favorite Amazon, be sure to order a copy of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 3, a trade paperback collection of the recent Sensation Comics series. This particular volume features a short comic story I wrote that was illustrated by the great team of penciler Georges Jeanty, inkers Karl Story and Dexter Vines, and colorist Wendy Broome. Find it in book and comic shops this May.