Sensation Comics # 12...

Modeled by the lovely Wonder Girl (aka Lilly).
Out this week is Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman # 12, which features a Batman/Wonder Woman story I wrote. My story was illustrated by Georges Jeanty with inks my Karl Story and Dexter Vines, and gives a little insight into how the Amazing Amazon blows off steam. The issue also includes a Wonder Woman/Poison Ivy team-up by writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Tom Fowler.

You can pick up the comic at your local shop tomorrow, or buy my story digitally from the comfort of your own living room for your mobile device or computer here, or for your Kindle here.

If the above adorable five-year-old didn't sell you on the book, here's a free preview of my story that's part of a great review that compares the comic to the works of Robert Frost and Hunter S. Thompson. That's right, you can just tell people you're reading fine literature.*

*Maybe don't mention the part about the Amazon princess fighting the hulking monster guy...