Anyone for a game of chess...?

When Eaglemoss first announced a Batman-themed chess set, I was immediately a customer. But what surprised me when I started to collect the various pieces was how nicely put together the magazines were that accompanied each figurine.

As luck would have it, I soon cowrote a Spider-Man book with an editor over at Eaglemoss, Alan Cowsill. The two of us became friends, and when DC began putting together their second set of chess pieces based on the entire DC Universe, I was fortunate enough to get to work on a magazine here and there.

Recently, I've just finished up my 19th magazine for the company. If you're interested in checking out any of them, I've compiled a list below of the volumes I've written that have been released or solicited so far.

My issues of the DC Chess Collection:

# 54 Ocean Master
# 55 Doomsday
# 61 Booster Gold
# 65 Ultraman
# 69 Superwoman
# 70 Constantine
# 71 Power Ring
# 72 Parasite
# 76 Atomica
# 77 Kid Flash
# 80 Johnny Quick
# 82 Superboy
# 84 Steel
# 86 Owlman
# 87 Captain Boomerang
# 91 Blackfire

My issue of the Marvel Chess Collection:

# 9 Venom

Keep checking back to my site, as I'll post an update of some of the newer pieces as soon as they're released.