Beware the Batman # 6...

Out today is Beware the Batman # 6, the final issue of the short-lived tie-in series to the equally short-lived cartoon of the same name. This is my second issue of the series, and the one I was most excited to write, so I'm very happy to have gotten it in under the wire.

This issue also marks the first time a Batman comic has been told entirely from the point of view of a single character. Similar to the perspective you might see if you were playing a first-person shooter video game, this comic puts you in Alfred Pennyworth's shoes as he follows a trail of clues in an attempt to rescue the missing Dark Knight.

I'm very proud of this issue, and I think Luciano Vecchio did an incredible job with a script that was certainly a challenge to draw. Check it out the next time you visit a comic store and see if our little experiment actually worked.