Running Backwards...

I'm a little behind on my posting due to the fact that my wife and I are busy packing up for our big move to Mystic, Connecticut at the end of this month. After nearly 14 years in New York City and Brooklyn, I'm finally heading out to the suburbs to give our little daughter a bit more room to stretch her admittedly small legs.

And since I'm currently writing a few books including the previously mentioned Art of Thor and Art of Captain America: The First Avenger, as well as another secret project for the Distinguished Competition, I've neglected to post here about a new release of mine available on

The book is my fourth contribution to Stone Arch Book's DC Kids' readers line. It stars everyone's favorite super-speedster, the Flash, and his evil and opposite number, the aptly named Reverse-Flash. The book is titled The Flash: Attack of Professor Zoom, and features artwork by Erik Doescher and Mike DeCarlo, as well as coloring by Lee Loughridge. You can order the hardback library edition here,or order the soft cover version here.

There'll be more new projects announced on this page soon, so keep checking back whenever your boss is looking the other way.