More fun than air conditioning...

Time to put on your reading shoes, dust off your paypal account, and head to the nearest world wide web. I've got a few new projects available to order (or pre-order) now. Your life will never be the same again.

First up is an adaptation in comic book form of the classic (albeit morbid) tale of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. It's from Graphic Revolve, and is hitting book stores as we speak, or you can buy it from Amazon in either a hardcover or softcover edition. The comic is illustrated by Mexican cartoonist Ricardo Osnaya and is a great survivor's guide if you or a loved one ever finds yourself stranded in a magical cavern with piles of stolen valuables.

Next, from Stone Arch Books, my latest Batman's kids' book is now available on Amazon. Also in hardcover and softcover, the book is entitled Batman: Scarecrow, Doctor of Fear, and features art by Erik Doescher and Mike DeCarlo, as well as colors by Lee Loughridge.

And finally, here's a sneak peak of the cover to the sequel to our popular Marvel Chronicle from DK Publishing, DC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle. Just like the Marvel volume, this large hardcover coffee table tome features a month by month history of DC from its humble beginnings 75 years ago, to the present. This time around, I wrote the 1980s and 1990s sections, so be sure to at least rip those parts out while you're in the bookstore. If you cough loudly while you're doing it, no one will be the wiser. Or, you know, you can also just preorder the thing here. It's coming out this fall, so you have plenty of time to save up.

Either way, take a look at Ryan Sook's amazing cover.

Lots more news on the way, including three new secret projects from DC Comics, as well as two new Marvel gigs. I'll be sharing the details as soon as they'll let me, so keep checking back here or follow me on twitter for more cryptic clues.


Pedro said…
Hi Matthew!

I have read the information about the DC Comics Chronicles book. I have one question that maybe you can answer me.

The Marvel Chonicles had an awesome picture of the most important characters beautifuly drawn by Jimmy Cheung.

Is this DC Chronicles volume going to have another similar picture inside with DC characters?

I have read information about Ryan Sook drawing the cover. Is it going to be also de piece of art that comes with the volume?

Thanks a lot!!!
Hi Pedro,

The DC Chronicle will include a small art print of the Ryan Sook cover, just like the Marvel version did. And trust me, Ryan Sook's cover is amazing. You can only see a small portion of it here. Wait until you see the whole thing. It won't disappoint.