How to spend your summer vacation...

Here's a sneak peak of two of my new projects coming to stores in August. The first is a graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Part of the new Graphic Revolve line, it'll be hitting bookstores on August 1st, according to the good folks at Amazon. (In fact, why not just click here and preorder it. Better safe than sorry, after all...) Available in both soft and hardcover, the graphic novel features art by Ricardo Osnaya.
The second cover art is for my third DC Comics children's book from Stone Arch book. Pitting the Caped Crusader against the master of terror, Batman: Scarecrow, the Doctor of Fear is available to order through the classroom or direct from Amazon as well. Click here to preorder your copy. It features art by the team that brought my Superman book to life, Erik Doescher and Mike DeCarlo, with colors by Lee Loughridge.