Adventures in the DC Universe...

Recently I was informed by a fan (okay, it was my mom - but she's still a fan...) that my two new young reader books are available in books stores now. The first, Superman: Little Green Men, is a tale of the Man of Steel desperately trying to find a moment's peace. The second, Batman: Two-Face's Double Take, is a story of Harvey Dent's obsession with duality and his old friend Bruce Wayne. Superman is illustrated by Erik Doescher, Mike DeCarlo and Lee Loughridge, while my old Arm-Fall-Off Boy partner in crime, Shawn McManus, drew the Two-Face yarn, again with the able coloring of Mr. Loughridge. Both tales are set firmly in Bruce Timm's animated universe, and each book is available in hardcover or softcover, depending on your preference and/or wallet constrictions. Visit my Amazon page to learn more.

Speaking of Arm-Fall-Off Boy, The Legion Omnicon blog just did a nice piece on his history, in honor of April Fool's Day. You can check that out here.

And while I'm at it, why not pre-order my next Stone Arch Batman book, Batman: Scarecrow, The Doctor of Fear on Amazon. Keep checking back, as I should have the cover art to display soon.