Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whole lotta' Iron Man...

From the people that brought you the long-winded title Wolverine: Inside the World of the Living Weapon, comes our newest mouthful: Iron Man: The Ultimate Guide to the Armored Super Hero. Containing everything you ever wanted to know about Tony Stark and his rather elaborate history, my new Iron Man guide is now out in bookstores nationwide. It's served up in the same new format as Wolverine was, and contains hundreds of great visual layouts by the design staff across the pond at DK Publishing. So if you're looking for the most in-depth Iron Man book on the market, click here to check it out on amazon.com. Or just click on the link anyway to humor me. Come on, I need the ego boost.

1 comment:

Waleed said...

To be honest, Iron Man is cool but not my fav. Marvel superhero! I love the Punisher, the Hulk and Spidey ...but if you are writing that Iron Man book, Matthew...I believe strongly that I'll become a fan of Tony Stark through your amazing work! You are incredible and I mean it! Good luck always ;-)

— Waleed Al-Telbany, AK Comics art director