Friday, January 29, 2010

A few quick updates...

I have a new interview up about The Batman Vault on the Legions of Gotham website. Click here to check it out. And here's a nice recent review if you just can't get enough vaultiness in your system.

In other news, I've just completed the first draft of my sections of the upcoming DC Chronicle for DK Publishing, so I'll keep you posted as things develop on that front. I'm starting now on two secret (for the moment at least) projects, one small and one much larger in scale. Expect lots of news in the near future.

And now for something less vague. I've just joined twitter, so stop by and follow me so I'm not just talking to myself. I promise that if I don't have anything funny to say, I'll just retweet from The Onion. Here's the link to my page.

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back as I hope to have a few new sneak peaks up on this site soon...

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