The Wedding Comic...

After finally catching up on work since my return from Hawaii with the newly crowed Mrs. Manning, it's time to finally fulfill that promise of free comics. So without further ado here's...

For our wedding favor, Dorothy and I decided to create a comic book that would tell the story of our relationship. I wrote the script and drew thumbnails for the artists to follow for the sake of continuity, and then Dorothy and I each drew our own introductory pages. I then asked nine of my talented and generous friends if they would pitch in and draw a page for us. I asked my old friend (and former roommate) Cory Petit to letter the book, and my older friend (and never roommate) Rob Donnelly to color the comic, and both did a bang up job, their work helping to blend the comic's various art styles together. Faithful DC employee and groomsman Mike Zagari then chipped in further to help me lay out the book for the publisher (and again to convert these files to jpegs for publishing here on the web). The whole thing was topped off by a painted cover by my now wife, which we had also used for our wedding invitation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our story or, as the kids call it...

The Creators:

Cover Painting and Art for Page 2: Dorothy Manning
Art for Page 1: Matt Loux
Art for Page 3: Yours Truly
Art for Page 4 and the Title Page: Chad Coleman
Art for Page 5: Erin Gallagher
Art for Page 6 (and layout assist): Mike Zagari
Art for Page 7: Tom Valente
Art for Page 8: Jon Roscetti
Art for Page 9 and Coloring: Rob Donnelly
Art for Page 10: Matt Roscetti
Art for Page 11: Farel Dalrymple
Letterer (and painter in his own right): Cory Petit

Thanks again to everyone involved in the making of the comic, and for those of you who made the long trip out to Michigan for the wedding.


Anonymous said…
Mr. Manning, can u tell us more about the Marvel Chronicle book? Where can I find the cover in high quality? It's beautiful!
Pumpkin Patch said…
That is a pretty awesome wedding favor.
Hi Ashley,

I'll be posting more about the Marvel Chronicle book soon. I've been a bit busy lately finishing up my next project for DK, The Ultimate Guide to Wolverine.