I'll be reading mine in Hawaii...

On the week of September 3rd, be sure to stop by your local comic store and take a gander at The Batman Strikes # 49, my final issue for the series. Ending at issue # 50 due to Kids WB canceling its tie-in show, this issue should nonetheless be a really fun read, and I'm very happy that we managed to slot it in before the bell. With great art from series regulars Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty, the issue features Robin in a solo adventure. Click here for more info from DC.

Oh, and after you've bought the comic, call my brother. It's his birthday, and he'll be lonely.

For those still on the proverbial purchasing fence, here are a couple of people who liked my last comic:

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In other news, I'm off to Michigan to marry my longtime girlfriend Dorothy DiComo. The wedding is to take place at my parents' lakeside home, and from there, we're off to Hawaii for a honeymoon complete with research reading for two new upcoming book projects that I'll post about soon. If the marriage lasts after a honeymoon that chock full of comic books, look forward to an interesting post in the coming weeks with the one thing everyone loves even more than weddings: free comics.

Unless Dorothy takes half of my things by then.