Check your appendages at the door...

No, the solicit isn’t wrong this time. DC is really letting me dedicate an entire issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century solely to the origin of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, a character famous (but not really) for his embarrassingly pathetic super power. And to top it off, Shawn McManus (Sandman: A Game of You, Aquaman) will be providing the artwork, topped with a great homage cover by series regular Alex Serra. The issue is # 16, and will be released nationwide this coming July.

Stay tuned for some behind the scenes images from the comic, and in the meantime, click here to see more info about the issue on DC’s website.

And for those of you attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, be sure to stop by my table in artists' alley. It’s booth # J 29-30, listed under my tablemate’s name, Wes Craig. Swing by, say hello, get stuff signed, or just laugh at me and point. It’s your call.