Riddle me this...

What comic features the Riddler setting off explosions all over Gotham City to once again torment Batman and Robin?

(Um, don't look at the picture. That's cheating.)

(Or look. Whatever. I'm not your mom. I can't tell you what to do. But if I was, I'd tell you that comics build strong bones, and you should buy more of them. I'd also constantly remind you of how long I was in labor with you and insist that you clear the table, because honestly, you've been slacking at that lately.)

Any who, I'm talking about issue # 40 of The Batman Strikes! Released this coming December 12th, my newest issue of this series features art by Adam Archer with a cover my Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty.

Check out the solicit here on the DC Comics website for more info, and please, try to make it home by curfew. My blood pressure is high enough the way it is.