Seeing Red...

Be sure to stop by your local comic store this week to check out my first short story for Looney Tunes. The issue is # 153, and features art by Walter Carzon and Ruben Torreiro.

Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that this is the best $2.25 you'll ever spend in your entire life. Remember that bus fare you paid to visit your dying great aunt? This is better. Remember that lottery ticket you purchased that secured you and your family financial freedom for life? Better. Remember that load of laundry you did that inadvertently caused you to meet your soul mate sitting near the next machine over at the laundromat? Better than that, too.

It's truly one of the few modern examples of concentrated genius you will ever get lucky enough to experience.

Oh, and it stars Pepe Le Pew, too.

So that's cool.