Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New things of stuff…

According to the Previews website, the trade paperback for Marvel Romance Redux will be in stores as of the 24th of January. It features (or is saddled with, you decide) a short story I wrote entitled “The Language of Love”. For those of you who don't know, Marvel Romance Redux comics are basically old romance comics from the sixties and seventies rewritten with new dialog, to make them funny this time around.

My newest issue of The Batman Strikes (issue # 31) will be in stores this March and features my first collaboration with regular series artist Christopher Jones. The issue looks great, and I hope you all enjoy it. Look for another issue featuring the Riddler around October or thereabouts.

In more Johnny DC news, I’ve just finished two Looney Tunes eight-page scripts for DC. One features Bugs Bunny and Elmer and the other is a Pepe le Pew short. I’ll keep you posted with the issue they’ll appear in and with other details as I find them out.

As far as Marvel Comics go, I’ve recently finished work on writing the updated text for DK Publishing’s Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide hardcover book. I wrote the revised section of the book, basically detailing everything that’s happened to Spidey in the last six years or so.

And for those of you who missed our show at Rocketship Comics in Brooklyn, Meathaus 8: Headgames has indeed finally been released. It features an eleven-page story that I wrote and Rob Donnelly drew, among other contributions from the likes of superstars James Jean, Tomer Hanuka, and Farel Dalrymple.


Drew said...

When does the Blue Beetle miniseries come out? I've been saving up for years.

josh said...

The original Blue Beetle or 2006 Blue Beetle reincarnate?