Exploring Gotham City...

Exploring Gotham City is hitting book stores and comic shops soon, and some of the early reviews are starting to go live. In this book rendered by Studio Muti to amazing effect, every corner of Batman's home town is explored, with facts and tidbits about Gotham's history ranging from 1939 to the present day.

This is easily one of my favorites of the ninety-plus prose books I've written to date, so I hope you'll check it out when it hit stores next month.

Dark Knight News had some lovely things to say about us on their site, giving the book a thorough look.

Batman On Film discussed the all-ages feel of the book in their review.

Batman News complimented the book (as well as my Batman/TMNT series) on their site.

And even Green Arrow fans are getting in on the action, as the Emerald Archer site suggests.

Exploring Gotham is out March 16th, but you can order your copy from your local bookshop or pre-order online today.

To be continued...