Marvel Action: Avengers #11 (and #10 goes back to print)...

This week not only sees the long-awaited release of issue #11 of Marvel Action: Avengers, but it also sees a reprint of our previous issue.

In case you missed it, issue #10 of our series introduced the Yellow Hulk (as well as a dozen other new threats) in a world controlled by the evil organization known as A.I.M. The reaction was incredible, and the issue sold out across the board.

There was plenty of hubbub about it on the internet, too, including on, cbr, and Bleeding Cool.

Our issue even inspired an interesting rainbow history of the Hulk from cbr found here.

So to make sure this first chapter of our final arc on the book gets into the hands of every reader that wants a copy, issue #10 is getting a 2nd print this week. Issue #11 also hits shops this week, the second part of this big final three-issue swan song. I'm really happy with this story, as the entire series has been building to this climactic blow out.

Hope you pick up both chapters and get in on all the A.I.M. smashing!

Script: Matthew K. Manning
Art: Marcio Fiorito and Nuno Plati
Colors: Protobunker
Letters: Christa Miesner
Assistant Edits: Megan Brown
Edits: Bobby Curnow

Stay safe and mask-up like Spidey!

To be continued...