Jetta Raye Adventures...

In 1953, artist Dan DeCarlo (best known for his classic work on Archie) created a futuristic comedy comic book nearly a decade before The Jetsons debuted. Called Jetta, the series only lasted for three issues. The comics were numbered 5, 6, and 7 in an effort to generate an artificial longevity and entice newsstands to carry the comic. While #1 issues are big sellers in today's comic book market, back in the 50s, new titles with low numbers were viewed as unproven magazines that might fail.

A charming fun little comic sure to please any Archie fan, Jetta was gone before it found its audience. But now thanks to the wonders of crowd-funded comics, Jetta's back.

I was hired to write a story for this new anthology special, and I'm really proud of what I came up with. It's a futuristic, slightly absurdist slice of life adventure with a touch of romance. I'm excited to see how it turned out, and am looking forward to reading the rest of this 100-page plus comic with its impressive roster of creators:

You can contribute to the campaign to pre-order this all-ages comic, or even earn some of the other perks like original art and sketch cards by clicking here.

And for any fellow comic history buffs, read more about the classic Jetta here.

To be continued...