Artemis Fowl: How To Be a L.E.P. Recon...

As you might have heard, Artemis Fowl was supposed to make his transition from his popular series of books to the big screen this summer. But since we're all stuck at home, Disney is opting to take this big budget adaptation directly to Disney+ instead.

To celebrate the not-so-theatrical debut of everyone's favorite nemesis of fairy kind, I was lucky enough to write Artemis Fowl: How To Be A L.E.P. Recon for Disney Publishing. This guide spotlights the gadgets and gear of the clandestine Lower Elements Police Recon team, the elite fairy force that keeps the magical realms safe.

Even more fun, this one's also available as an audio book, and you can give it a listen with a free trial over on Audible.

Look for Artemis Fowl on digital on June 12th on Disney+, and grab a copy of my book today.

Stay healthy and stay home!

To be continued...