Monday, November 25, 2013

Beware the Batman # 2...

The doorbell rang at 7:30 this morning. While I'm not a big fan of any kind of activity that requires me to get out of bed before my daughters (or before it's time for lunch, to be honest), it was a nice surprise to find a package full of issues of Beware the Batman # 2 waiting for me.

Although it's the second issue of this ongoing series set in the world of Cartoon Network's new cartoon, like many all-ages books, Beware the Batman offers self-contained stand-alone stories, making it easy for readers to jump on board at any time. I had a lot of freedom and support from my editors at DC on this one, and I think our artist, Dario Brizuela, really captured the essence of the show and the issue's villain, Professor Pyg.

The comic comes out this Wednesday, so if you get a chance, stop by your local comic shop and pick up a copy. Then go take a nap. You've earned it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

DC Chess Collection...

I've been a fan of the DC Chess Collection from Eaglemoss ever since they were first released in the UK. When they hit the States, it didn't take me long to amass way too big of a collection of these great little figurines.

As anyone who has purchased one of these pieces can attest to, half the fun of collecting the series is due to the great magazines that accompany each figure. So when I was contacted to write a few of their new DC Universe magazines, I jumped at the chance.

This month, my first magazine in the series is up for pre-order at your local comic shop or favorite online toy retailer. It stars Ocean Master, and offers plenty of info about the modern version of this classic Aquaman foe.

Keep checking back as I have a few more of these magazines coming out soon, and I'll be sure to update as soon as a I can.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Superman Files...

At long last, The Superman Files hits stores and Amazon this week. This is one of my favorite projects to date, so if you get a chance to stop by your local book store and flip through it, please do.

This book is a complete modern history of the life of the Man of Steel written in the far future by Brainiac 5 and illustrated with the use of journal entries, faux newspaper articles, "photographs" from the comics, newly commissioned artwork and more.

Here are a few sample pages to give you an idea of what's inside:

While it tells Superman's story first and foremost, the book is chock full of Easter Eggs for the fans, and even contains a few nods to our previous book, The Batman FilesCovering everything in Superman's life from John Byrne's revamp to the revisions of New 52 and even into the 31st Century, we attempted to make The Superman Files the most comprehensive life story of Superman to ever see print. I hope you all agree.